Nike Epic React - Review

Nike Epic React

$205 – $300












  • Excellent comfort
  • Excellent energy-returning boost
  • Excellent durability
  • Awesome design


  • Very expensive

The Nike Epic React claimed to have a huge breakthrough in their foam technology, and there was such a hype for this shoe. After their breakthrough with Vaporfly 4%, it was quite difficult to compare the other shoes which claimed to have similar technology. But this product is labelled as “a leap forward in lightweight support, durability and responsive energy return”, and how does the performance live up to the claim? Let’s find out in more detailed discussion about the product.

At the first look, the most obvious part to be noticed is the colorful design, flanging out midsoles with bright pink plastic ledge just above the back part of the soles. Plus the bright yellow pull-tab on the back makes these shoes really stand out above the rest. It is not just about the color, the shoe is made of 10 different parts including the outsole. The outsole made of rubber and made somehow translucent with brighter and darker areas, each have the same density, but different level of firmness. The level of thickness plus the wavy pattern makes you want to praise the design!

For a man’s shoe that weighs 7.8 ounces for size 9, you can hardly find any better shoes with the same weight and cushioning power. Although it is very light, but Nike claims that the durability of the foam could last for at least 500 miles. That is quite a number, and you could make this shoes as your preference for daily training shoes without worrying that the sole would be worn down too soon.

The upper part uses the Flyknit material, which ensures to keep your shoes in place even during sharp turns and pivoting. When you try these shoes on, you can feel already the power of this cushion technology which is responsive, but very smooth. The shoes have excellent performance and could even compete with the best cushioning technology available.

Of course, there are still some points missing for these shoes to be perfect. You can see very well that the shoes laces are not using the Flywire technology yet. Although they are more effortless to tighten than the other shoes brands, but still, the Flywire could make this piece more perfect. While they could be tightened as much as you like, eventually you will find your feet under pressure. And of course, you will find the laces untied a couple of times during your run. But if you think it is no problem, then the Nike Epic React could fit your daily training purposes.

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Nike Epic React - Review
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