Nike Air Vapormax Plus - Review

Nike Air Vapormax Plus

$160 – $583












  • Good comfort
  • Good durability
  • Futuristic design


  • Expensive

Nike Air Vapormax Plus has finally hit the retail store this first quarter of 2018 after long debates due to leaks in 2017. It arrives with several upgrades and colorways which pamper sneaker lovers. Nike has brought you surprises for the Air Max 20th anniversary. Let’s have a look at this phenomenal sneaker before you purchase one

What dominates the impression of the upper is the “cage” or “exoskeleton” upper. In fact, it’s the main difference of that’s with and without “plus”. It plays a framing role to the vamp and quarter on the role while it becomes home for the rope on its edge. Nike maintains the skeleton to be metallic and the rest of the upper matte. It joins two different materials to create a strong and sturdy appearance.

When you look at the triple black colorway, it doesn’t seem that this shoe is light. Well, you’re getting it wrong, this shoe “ironically” provide you speed and lightweight without cursing you with sassy looks. The midsole combines the metallic (in the middle of the quarter) and matte(bounding the upper). Both the exoskeleton and the midsole build a convincing structure about a reliable speed sneaker. You can see how clever this application is as you carefully look the three-layered toe cap.

The outsole is kept to be metallic, and if you followed me, it has a reasonable application. It seems that Nike won’t risk the whole design by cutting the cage structure from upper-midsole-outsole. It adopts multi-air sole both in midsole and outsole which lower the pressure on each step you take. Along with lightweight, the soles of the VaporMax provide your speed and comfort at the same time.

With technology, Nike has some improvements on the VaporMax. The upper is built with breathable materials which play a key role ventilator while you’re in such high and long activities. Nike applies a reliable craftsmanship as it uses at least six different materials just build the upper. The contour and sculpturing are professional works. The stitches are only seen on the top line and tongue while the rests remain hidden.

Nike Air Vapormax Plus initiate the arrival with many colorways. The magnificent exoskeleton remains black for most models except white, gray, and blue colorways. In our perspective, it’s not a reissue shoe, this is a brand new model presented by Nike to enhance your styles and activities.

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Nike Air Vapormax Plus - Review


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