Nike Air Max 270 - Review

Nike Air Max 270

$165 – $249












  • Good comfort
  • Good durability
  • Awesome design


  • Very expensive

After their success with Air Max, now we have the Nike Air Max 270 which left super bouncy impression to the ones seeing it. If you have witnessed the classic air max to the latest Air Vapormax, you will notice something: the signature air units used in this model is somehow bigger. Yes, the 270 series features a bigger u-shaped air max unit, moreover, the transparent heel counter seems integrated seamlessly.

It was originally coming from the idea of combining two different units, the Air Max 93 and Air max 180 into one more refined unit. As the team working on the project, they began to create something completely new and thus this model was born.

It has to be admitted that Nike really has what it takes to make use their archive and create something entirely different from the last products. As for the number 270 is taken from the shape of the air bag on the back of the sole. If the precious sneakers were made for exercise and sports purposes, then this model is designed to be comfortable for all day usage and don’t forget the 32mm air bag to support your steps. Really, if you are talking about coziness and comfort, you might not expect it much from the shoes with seemingly-oversized heels.

But when you tried to put them on, the sensation in each steps simply makes you to walk more and more. The bouncy, springy effect really different from the other air max series, the airbag which acts as the heel counter is made from plastic, increasing stability, performance, and durability. While the outsole is made from rubber, helping you to get each feet transition more naturally.

While the outsole is just only a piece, but you can definitely feel the different level of firmness when you step in with the forefoot. It could be said that the airbag acts as your support for the next steps while the midsole smoothens. As for the upper part, this shoe uses the Flyknit material, which is comfortable for longer use while maintaining tight grip on your feet.

The Nike Air Max 270 falls perfectly in the category of your daily sneakers. Looking at the price and performance, everyone wouldn’t hesitate to choose this over the rest. Don’t worry about the sneakers being dirty with dirt because they are very easy to clean. Overall, this is your everyday sneakers with style and comfort.

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NIKE Air Max 270 Review
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