Best NIKE Sneakers of 2018

Best NIKE Sneakers - reviews

This article is dedicated to people who’re Nike’s fans, or at least to people who’re looking to get some good shoes that offer a great and unique experience. I hope this TOP of best Nike sneakers of 2018 will help you to take a very good choice, at least for the first listed sneakers…

Nike Epic React

Price range: $205 – $300

Where to buy: amazon

Nike Epic React Flyknit - Review

For those of you who happen to be fans of the Nike brand of sneakers a new shoe has arrived and is an answer to the Adidas ULTRABOOST. This shoe that we will review today is none other than the Nike React. I will give you full details and a review of this new sneaker. This happens to be a performance-based running shoe that you can wear while going out for a night on the town as well. React is the name of the Nike foam technology which first premiered in the Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoe. This is the first time it has been utilized in a running shoe. What you get is a comfortable and incredibly durable shoe that is lightweight and has a good return on energy which is a requirement for serious runners. Continue reading below as we take a look at this sneaker and what it can offer you.

The build quality of this shoe is excellent and the upper material is made of a Flyknit material that is made of one piece and has a socklike design and feeling. It holds your foot very well and it is a tight fit but not overly tight in case you were wondering. The midsole and outsole of the shoe are made from a single piece of React foam with a thin layer of rubber at the heel and toe for added durability as well as traction. The traction of this shoe is excellent for concrete and even rubber flooring and this shoe features an incredibly smooth texture as the base of the shoe. It’s not slip-proof in winter conditions but this shoe will keep you on the ground and prevent slips on an ordinary terrain.

When it comes to the fit it feels great. Nike recommends that you choose a half size larger if you want a loose fit. But I would recommend not doing this if you plan on using these as a running shoe. When I got my pair of these shoes they fit me perfectly but if you have wider feet then I would recommend purchasing a half size larger. These shoes are more narrow and have a tight fitting upper for those that want a snug fitting sneaker.

When it comes to the Nike Epic React, it is an incredibly comfortable shoe. The React foam is not as soft as the Boost or Ultraboost models offered by Adidas. However, this foam has the ability to snap back into shape and has a great return on energy. These are great performance running shoes and have excellent response when needed. I appreciated this portion of the shoe and Nike did a good job covering this detail.

This shoe has great stability not just when it comes to running. You can easily use these shoes for workouts including plyometric movements. Don’t expect to replace your gym training shoes but these sneakers provided me with comfort I noticed in the weight room as well. I am impressed with this offering brought by Nike and they are a good shoe. They are a little higher on the price scale but if you want a pure running shoe you could spend less but if you want style and comfort spending the extra dollars is worth it. Try these shoes today and order a pair of you are a fan of Nike running sneakers.

Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%

Price range: $142 – $394

Where to buy: amazon

Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% - Review

With the marketing and advertising being put behind the new Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% they claim they have completely re-invented the running shoe and have changed the future of running forever. This is a bold claim with their new sneaker release that claims that athletes will use 4% less energy during runs compared to the previous racing shoe, The Zoom Streak 6.

Over the course of a marathon this 4% savings in energy can make a huge difference in your run for higher speeds and the ability to run further. In fact, the University of Colorado has suggested that the claims made by Nike are actually accurate. There was a test made with 18 different runners who tried this performance shoe and they were recorded as using less energy compared to other shoes. This sneaker can lower the energy costs of your run by 4% on average which is a good thing. We will tell you about this new shoe and what it can offer you if you decide to buy below.

This shoe is lighter than the Zoom Fly but costs slightly more. It is a light shoe and is only 6.5oz for a men’s size 10. This shoe utilizes the ZoomX foam which is different compared to the Zoom Fly. It is much softer then Lunarion foam. The midsole is built with fewer materials under the arch of the shoe and is carved out. This makes the shoe less stable and is something that I noticed. Compared to the Zoom Fly I couldn’t tell the difference in stiffness between the two shoes. This is a lighter shoe but is not necessarily stiffer. This shoe is soft and I found that sharp turns at high speeds created problems in this sneaker. It may just be me but I didn’t appreciate the feeling of drift in the midsole as I took corners. This shoe features a wider fit and is roomier which is beneficial for those that like a looser fit. However, the size difference is strange because they do not make half sizes in this model of Nike running shoe.

This sneaker is feathery light and the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% has a significant underfoot volume but there are no specifics on stack height. The shoes are stiff but are not super hard. The shoe won’t fold or twist and it provides great cushioning without being hard. This shoe feels bouncy and has a great force pushing back that I think is attributable to the midsole foam and not the carbon plate that is used in these sneakers. These shoes are incredibly light and comfortable and I personally believe I did run faster. If you want a higher priced pair of shoes that are light and stiff I suggest this sneaker.

They are a top choice for long-distance runners and professional marathon athletes for a reason. Nike did their best with this new shoe and I recommend you try a pair if you enjoy this brand.

Nike Air Max 270

Price range: $165 – $249

Where to buy: amazon

Nike Air Max 270 - Review

If you are a fan of the Nike Air collection I have reviewed a new offering brought to you by the top choice of athletes. I would like to introduce you to my thoughts on the Nike Air Max 270 and what it has to offer. This shoe is an interesting fusion of two previous Air Max models which include the 93 and 180.

What you get is a futuristic looking shoe with many different color choices you can select. You can see that the design features an Air unit that wraps around the midsole as well as the outsole. This is reminiscent of the Air Max 180. The heel-to-toe ratio of this shoe and the upper which has a sock-like feel are inspired by the Air Max 93. This shoe is functional and fully comfortable not to mention completely stylish and another great feature of the Air Max line of shoes. Now hang in here as I give you my thoughts on this sneaker and what it will offer you when you decide to grab a pair for yourself.

The U-shaped Air Max unit is built with the transparent plastic heel counter and offers stability from outsole to heel. The upper is made from open cell mesh that is great for ventilation and is durable. With the one piece tongue design and lacing system, you will not have to worry about your feet floating and stability is guaranteed. The Nike Air Max 270 has a cleaner look and is sleeker than the vapor max and still offers a unique visually stylish quality.

This shoe comes in men’s, women’s and kid’s versions and was released on February 2nd and the Flyknit version dropped on March 22nd. These shoes are lightweight and are a form-fitting sneaker that produces a trampoline-like feeling from every step you take. The shoe flexes with the foot and the upper is breathable and very comfortable when I tried them on. They also provide excellent traction with a solid rubber outsole that is included.

The first thing you will notice about this unit is that it is 32mm tall. This is the tallest Air Max sneaker ever and they provide superior cushioning and they reached their goal when it comes to comfort. They have a higher graded comfort level than most of the popular shoes back in 2017 including the former release of the Nike Vapormax. This shoe is a full lifestyle sneaker and is not built for super runners.

This sneaker is created for the lifestyle type of sneaker user who needs everyday comfort and can wear anything with them. They are featuring different colors which give you options and a selection to choose from when it comes to your personal style. If you want to grab a pair of these shoes you better move quickly because they are selling out fast.

The price of these shoes ranges from $165 to $249 depending on where you shop and I feel that they were worth the price tag. Ultimately what you are purchasing is a stylish release by Nike that is comfortable and lightweight. If you are into style then definitely try these sneakers today.

Nike Air Vapormax Plus

Price range: $160 – $583

Where to buy: amazon

Nike Air Vapormax Plus - Review

If you are one of those sneaker users that love what Nike has to offer, I will give you a detailed outlook on the Nike Air Vapormax Plus. It is the 20th anniversary year of the Air Max Plus also known as the Tuned Air or TN. This shoe is a creation of an incredibly experimental time in the era of shoes and what Nike had to offer. The first thing you will notice about this shoe is it’s bold and aggressive style. This shoe comes in three colors and gives off a bad boy reputation primarily because of the exoskeleton cage that is in the upper and multi air units midsole.

This shoe is incredibly stylish, durable and comfortable and is an aggressive new shoe that has sneakerheads turning the heads everytime they see a pair. With the new Vapormax midsole, you get an edge that puts this shoe in the newest era as they could be. They look heavy and bulky however they actually feature a very light feel.

This sneaker is a cult classic that has been brought forward in time into the future. This shoe was brought back for the 20th anniversary and Nike did their best with making the upper modernized with the combination of the Vapormax sole. It provides a great and comfortable feeling and provides bounce in every step you take. The upper is made of neoprene and has an exoskeleton that locks your foot firmly inside the sneaker.

These shoes are top of the line when it comes to those that love what Nike has to offer and as of January, these shoes were going for around $280 a pair. I personally thought the sneakers were worth the extra couple dollars. What I got in return was a super comfortable shoe that held my feet in place, while offering the Vapormax sole which made my journeys on foot feel like I was walking on air. These shoes are incredibly stylish and come in three different styles. I chose the solid black pair and I think that all three styles of color can go basically with any style of clothing or dress you choose. These shoes are a superior offering and they are up to par when it comes to Nike presenting something fabulous for their 20th anniversary of this line of sneakers.

This shoe is built to be durable and is more of a lifestyle type of shoe for those looking for style and comfort. You can definitely wear these at the gym or for workouts but these are not a running shoe or for things like offroad terrain. They can handle it but I wouldn’t recommend it. They offer great traction with the grip provided on the shoe and you will not have any problems with slipping or falls. These are a visually stunning shoe and with the different color options available I think you should grab a pair or two.

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17

Price range: $127 – $367

Where to buy: amazon

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 - Review

After twenty-one years after it’s original creation, the Nike Air Max 97 2017 model utilizes a modern update that uses the multi-layered design built with a lightweight rendition of this classic sneaker. Nike has incorporated new technology with this update while staying with the old design which makes it a unique and exciting shoe. The upper is created as one-piece to replace the original multi-layered piece that was first used.

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 are much more breathable and are a lightweight that incorporate wavy visually appealing aesthetics that made the original version of this shoe such a classic. The signature 3M reflective tracks have changed as well with this iconic design being taped onto the upper rather then being embroidered. What you get is a sleek and stylish shoe that is visually stunning and both light weight and comfortable. I will continue on my review below on why you might want to go ahead and add this classic sneaker to your collection. Nike is known for performing when it comes to new designs and technology and this update on the older style is a unique and classic shoe. I will continue below.

The bottom half of the shoes are more comfortable and are also lightweight. These shoes feature both foam and an Air unit and have a lower level of air pressure in the Air sole which gives you a softer feel while using them and definitely improves the comfort levels compared to the former models. This shoe comes in a different variety of colors that offers you a unique look if you are looking for a comfortable pair of Nike sneakers that you can wear with almost any outfit. They are also durable and great for things like going to the gym and working out. They have excellent traction both on concrete and other surfaces and they will give your foot a secure and snug fit that is comfortable. This shoe is an evolution of its former model and these sneakers are definitely visually stunning with the different options you can choose with colors.

This shoe is slightly wider then the previous versions and it adds to the comfort to your feet. I noticed this particularly in my forefoot while I was wearing them. This shoe is well padded and offers your foot comfort at all different angles. This is a high-quality built shoe and you can definitely notice the workmanship. This shoe is flexible and soft and the fit is great. If you have wider feet then you will definitely appreciate these sneakers. These are comfortable for walking around in and is much lighter then the previous models. Also I would like to mention that the synthetic upper helps prevent dirt and water getting into the shoe. This is more of a minimalist version of this iconic model and made it aesthetically pleasing.

At most stores this shoe runs for around a $160 but prices will be different depending on where you go. If you want a day to day casual lifestyle shoe then try a pair of these on or order a pair today. If you enjoy the Air Max line of sneakers then the Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 are something you can try. The price may be lower as it is a last year model shoe. I enjoyed the pair I purchased and I hope this review helped you with making an informed purchasing decision.