Best Adidas Sneakers of 2018

Best Adidas Sneakers - Reviews

Many of us have some particular preferences related to sneakers, and there are not rare the situations when each individual likes more a sneakers brand than another. Of course there are unique and very subjective experiences that endorse a specific brand. This time we’ll review the best Adidas sneakers of 2018, that are available on markets.

Adidas Futurecraft 4D

Price range: $300 – $2500

Where to buy: amazon

Adidas Futurecraft 4D - Review

If you are a fan of Adidas running shoes find out how the new Adidas Futurecraft 4D is the leading choice for people looking for shoes made from high-end technology. This series was created in part with a Silicon Valley based tech company called Carbon. What they have unveiled is a superior shoe design based on performance with a unique design that cannot be found anywhere else. We will discuss the different aspect of this shoe as well as the materials and design and the different reasons why you may or may not want to purchase this new sneaker.

Trying on these shoes is a comfortable and familiar experience that you will treasure. The upper part of the shoe is made of the Adidas ultra comfortable primeknit material. There is plenty of perforation on the upper part of the shoe and it gives a cool feeling after a long run even while in warmer climates. The outsole is made from a continental rubber that is often used and it gives you a good grip on virtually any surface you may be wearing these shoes on or running on.

When you step into these shoes you will instantly appreciate the springy feel they give off. This shoe is firm in the midsole but is also soft and flexible in the areas that you need them to be for a good running shoe. The springy feeling you get in every step as you run is durable and returns energy for every stride you take. As a running shoe, it is firm in places you need it to be and durable and flexible with a good grip on a variety of different surfaces.

The heel portion of the midsole of this shoe has a good amount of needed cushioning and slowly tapers off as you reach the forefoot of the shoe. This shoe adds a lot of bounce to your step. For heel and mid-foot strikers, you will really enjoy running in these shoes while people who identified as forefoot strikers found this shoe slightly tougher to use with how the midsole cushion feature was manufactured and distributed within the sneaker.

These shoes are a highly sought after 3D printed shoes that transform liquid materials into solids using laser technology. What you get is a shoe that is made from high-performance and extremely durable materials that are built to last and provide you with comfort when you go running. The lattice network that is formed as the design of this shoe has 20,000 struts that provide an excellent return on energy and gives you a light and agile shoe that provides excellent cushioning and maximum comfort.

The Adidas Futurecraft 4D is crafted with excellence and we truly admire this sneaker when it comes to choosing a stylish running shoe that is lightweight, offers breathability and a durable design that is strong and holds up to the stresses of running. I like the great grip that is provided so you do not have to worry about any slips or falls on different surfaces.

Over all, if you want a shoe that embraces the latest in 3D printing technology then we recommend you try this shoe today. Many different runners swear by the FUTURECRAFT line of shoes and after you try a pair we are sure you will make the same decision.



Price range: $119 – $299

Where to buy: amazon

Adidas ULTRABOOST - Review

For those of you that are into running, Adidas has a new offering that boasts that it is a performance runner and made the bold claim that this is “the best running shoe ever.” It may have been just a marketing campaign or the truth when they released this groundbreaking running shoe back in January of 2018. What they have created is a superior runner that is built for performance with a unique design that adds character to this new shoe.

Adidas ULTRABOOST is using a Primeknit construction which gives it a lightweight and breathable ability to stretch and offer a free range of full motion. The creation of the collar sleeve helps cradle the foot and offers support which is necessary for a runner. It is not too stiff but it holds your feet in place securely with comfort being one of the positive traits of this shoe. We will examine this shoe in further detail and give you the specific details you may be interested in within the rest of this special report.

When it comes to running on a daily basis this shoe holds up and feels good all through the entire duration of my run and this shoe proves to feature long-term value. It holds up and is durable and continues to be breathable and flexible while offering cushioning with each step and offers a spring forward design with your momentum.

The strain on my body felt less than other shoes and no matter how far or short I decided to go on my run, the shoe held up and continued to help my recovery. The Boost cushioning system plays a crucial role in the level that this shoe brings. Every person that is a runner puts a lot of damage to their joints however the Boost cushioning makes it seem a lot less stressful and makes your experience seem softer. These shoes are durable and can keep up with wear and tear.

These shoes have a midsole that propels you forward with the energy you put in with every footstrike and offers you a light and comfortable absorption that won’t pack down over time. The Boost cushioning is a responsive cushion and the more energy you put into them will be returned back to you giving you more for your money. They have a supportive cage that cradles your foot in a secure fit with added flexibility.

With the release of the Adidas ULTRABOOST, I do believe that Adidas set the standard when they claimed to have created the best shoe ever. I personally stand by their claim and thoroughly enjoyed using this shoe. I believe that this shoe out did other well-known running shoes and for the price, you cannot complain about the high quality and comfort this shoe provides. I was such a personal fan of this shoe that I actually purchased a second pair after I had worn out my first pair.

These shoes are comfortable and provide excellent cushioning and flexible support that is necessary for a runner. If you want something that will last and provide you with continued comfort then be sure to grab a pair of these sneakers and take advantage of the best runners Adidas has ever made today.

Adidas PureBOOST


Price range: $63 – $249

Where to buy: amazon

Adidas PureBOOST - Review

When it comes to choosing a good running shoe most people will find that something fancy or stylish seems like it might not be the best choice amongst people who consider themselves to be serious runners. However, we would like to change this thought with our introduction of the Adidas PureBOOST which is a stylish street adapted shoe that will give you style as well as comfort and support that you would expect from the makers of this shoe. Be sure to continue reading below as we take a look at this running shoe and tell you all about it. If you are a fan of Adidas or not you will learn a thing or two about this new running show and what it has to offer you.

In my first opinion while reviewing this shoe I was thinking it might not be up to par because of the style. But I was proven wrong after I tried on these sneakers. I thought that they may not have the endurance or comfort I require from a run, but after a few jogs, I quickly banished these thoughts. The upper section of the shoe is loose and moves with your feet so you do not feel any restrictions or problems. If you prefer a snug and supportive fit for a shoe you may not agree with it, but it is comfortable. You will have to try it to fully understand.

The sole of the shoe uses the Pure BOOST technology which provides exceptional cushioning and a bouncy ride that is maintained no matter how long you run. Compared to other Adidas sneakers this midsole feels lighter and it has less cushion. I believe this shoe is designed for faster road running sessions and is not built for longer training runs. This shoe features a wider base in the front of the shoe and provides excellent traction for running around sharp corners and dealing with an urban terrain. The grip is excellent in wet conditions and the base remains solid even around corners. Also the knit upper is waterproof which makes these shoes great if you end up running through a puddle.

The Adidas Pure BOOST is very comfortable and can be worn even when you don’t plan on going for a run. This is a great shoe for everyday training runs and I suggest you grab a pair if this is what you are searching for. If you would rather have a shoe that is for longer running then I would recommend you purchase Adidas ULTRABOOST.

Many other people who have tried these shoes were happy with the comfort and performance that these sneakers offer. It is stylish, has a wide base and excellent sole that provides excellent grip in wet conditions and urban-based environments. Some people have made comments about the lifespan of the different parts of the shoe but overall I found these roads running trainers to be both stylish and provided me with what I needed.



Price range: $44 – $249

Where to buy: amazon

Adidas ENERGY BOOST - Review

Within this review, we will take a look at the Adidas ENERGY BOOST sneaker. It is the base foundation of many future models of Adidas shoes using the Boost system. At the beginning, this shoe was marketed as changing running forever according to the designer who created the sneakers. It might not have risen to the expectations but it was and still is a valid shoe that many runners admire. With its beautiful design, the foam-based cushioning and the reasonable price makes this shoe a valid option still to this day. If you can find a pair of these shoes you will be in luck as there are newer models of this shoe which include the Boost 2 as well as the Boost 3. We will discuss what makes these sneakers unique and why they are a top choice among runners who require comfort and want the best return on investment when it comes to running shoes. Just read below and we will give you the details.

The style of these shoes is pretty typical for running shoes in terms as far as design goes. It features the signature three stripes on the side that is the Adidas logo and has a variety of different color combinations this shoe comes in. These shoes are also known for being incredibly durable and very few customers have complained about any forms of damage from use or breakdown. This shoe is made with high-quality materials including TPU foam, custom mesh, and Fitcounter molding. It is a shoe that can conquer any terrain except for extremes like snow. This shoe is built durable and is able to handle indoor and outdoor conditions and can even adapt to hiking and outdoor-based activities. The responsiveness of this running shoe was excellent and provided good shock absorption without slowing down momentum. The TPU foam really does make a difference in energy return and making your run more comfortable unlike the typical EVA cushioning of other shoes.

The Adidas Energy Boost offers excellent arch support and is an excellent purchasing factor for older runners. It keeps your feet from becoming sore and prevents back injury as well. The fact that this shoe uses high-quality foam makes this runner sit on a good middle ground for how well your feet feel supported while you wear them. They are also flexible and have a natural movement and bend without destroying the fabric. They aren’t paper thin like you are walking on air but they are decent.

The outsole of this sneaker is made of rubber and has excellent traction and grip. This shoe has an excellent traction factor and will give you grip around corners, but it is not meant for snowy conditions. This sneaker offers a lightweight and sleek design and is artfully crafted and constructed. This shoe is more of a relic with the newer models that are available but if you are looking to save money this shoe is an excellent offering by Adidas. With it’s unique design and color options, to the great arch support, excellent traction and flexibility I enjoyed reviewing these shoes and I suggest you grab a pair if you need something economical that work great.



Price range: $32 – $155

Where to buy: amazon


If you are looking for a running shoe that is both stylish and comfortable I would like to fill you in on a new sneaker that took over a year to design. Adidas has been building on their lifestyle formula and has been building shoes that are more sleek and stylish. The shoe we are going to review today is none other then the Adidas AlphaBOUNCE. This shoe showcases a unique upper and interestingly enough the three stripes of the logo are kept to a minimum. These are a performance shoe and can also work in a lifestyle capacity and they are economical too if you want something that will support you while making you look great. We will discuss the different factors of this great sneaker as you continue reading below.

This shoe is unique in the sense that it features a new mesh style and doesn’t include seams. It utilizes the Forgedmesh technology on the upper section of the shoe which simplifies it. This shoe will provide you with a wide range of motion through all sorts of terrain that includes the street, rock, hill, as well as grass. It also cradles your foot and offers support and won’t break down. This shoe doesn’t offer much ankle support but it does have a padded collar for cushioning for this low cut shoe. The full-length Bounce midsole offers you a bounce-back that gives the impression you are floating on air. The foam provides flexibility and comfort that you will not be able to deny. This multifunctional running shoe has an outsole that can withstand daily use on almost any surface. The Adiwear outside is a flexible rubber that has great protection from wear and tear and helps prevent slips and falls.

The black and white design is interesting and definitely catches the eye. The fact that the three stripe logo is on the tougne of the shoe as well gives it a unique flair and style that is unmatched by other traditional running sneakers. There are also five other color options available if you are not a fan of the white and black pattern. These sneakers were designed using motion technology which gave them a lot of comfort without having to deduct any forms of support. The Forgedmesh allows your foot to move freely while offering security that you would expect from a running shoe. The material fits your foot like a glove and this shoe is lightweight which makes it ideal for a running shoe. This shoe feels like you are wearing a sock and with the Bounce midsole and EVA foam you will understand why I admire these shoes.

If you are looking for an economical shoe the Adidas ALPHABOUNCE are an easy grab and an excellent offering from Adidas. These shoes are good looking and can even double as a casual sneaker if needed. These are becoming a go-to sneaker and with 5 different color options available you can rock a different style most days of the week. All in all, I enjoyed these shoes and you will too when you order yours.