Adidas Twinstrike ADV - review

Adidas Twinstrike ADV

$179 - $445












  • Excellent comfort
  • Futuristic design
  • Good durability


  • It's expensive

The Adidas Twinstrike ADV sure is interesting on the first look, judging from the shape and color scheme, this shoe is what you need to be the center of attention. But if you are looking for a high performance pair of shoes, then you should look deeper into each details. It is not that a seasoned company like Adidas would make a failure of a product, but still, some runners might not get what they are looking for in this product. So, how exactly an eye-catching product like this one incapable to fit in most runners’ needs? Here are our explanations and verdict to help you decide whether to buy this shoe or not.

Lets see from the most interesting part first: the cushioning. This shoe is using the A3 technology just like the other two previous series. But looking closer at the cushion, this is the only one to have the podular system on cushioning for forefoot and rearfoot. The main purpose of this podular system is that so the shoes would be more stabilized and could guide your steps from heel strike to toe off.

The materials used in this cushioning system is polyurethane(PU). Aside from the original many runners stated that they would prefer to use the ones with foam technology because it provides the same level of support with much more comfort. This podular system feels rather hard for runners with normal posture, but might be suitable for people with bigger posture.

The upper mesh is made from the boasted Climacool mesh with suede accent. As the name suggests, the Climacool mesh is able to transfer heat from the inside of the shoe to the outside. This way you will be able to cool off your feet without having to remove your shoe or loosen the laces.
While the upper mesh is a good fit, but the arch support might feel too stiff and firm. Some runners even reported to feel the hard plastic from the pods inside the arch support.

Nevertheless, the Adidas Twinstrike ADV design cannot be taken lightly. It is indeed very futuristic and get a lot of praise from many fashion experts. The skeleton grid details, as well as the combination of scarlet and green color in their latest version surely give a different vibe than the existing shoes. Still, this shoe is not too suitable for runners with small build.

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Adidas Twinstrike ADV - review
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