Adidas ULTRABOOST - Review


$119 – $299












  • Excellent comfort
  • Excellent energy-returning boost
  • Excellent durability
  • Worn by celebs


  • It's a little expensive

Adidas ULTRABOOST has been entitled as the greatest running shoes ever, and it is not for nothing of course. It is really a daring declaration, with so many competitors on the market, and each with their own specs and strength. Each athlete has their own preference and one shoes might not be suitable for everyone. But still, comfort and style are quite universal for everyone. How well did the shoe do so that it could state such a bold claim as the “greatest running shoe ever”?

First of all, when we talk about running, we should take a loot at the sole. The sole is the part which our feet relied on most and the key to have the perfect steps during the run. The first impression of the sole of this product is, it could somehow absorb the fatigue without making the runner feel uncomfortable.

The curvy design of the sole could turn the perfect springiness into power and make you want to run much more further. It is so flexible yet so strong it could bring your every steps comfortably and deliver enough power for the next. The outsole itself is designed using stretchweb rubber and has certain pattern on the entire bottom. It is made more powerful by pairing with the boost foam. The sole could deliver a good grip while maintaining your energy for a long run.

Although the design seems pretty pointy on the toe and quite tight on the sides, surprisingly, you almost cannot feel the sensation of your feet being suppressed inside. Even after a long run, there are almost no case of blisters and hotspots. Thanks to the primeknit fabric as the upper material, your skin could still breath in spite of the tightness of the shoes. Plus a plastic lace on the upper part make sure that your feet stays in place.

Judging from the feature, the Adidas ULTRABOOST could be considered as good as they claimed, even if it is compared with the shoes in higher class. With just $180 you could get a reliable pair of shoes which is durable for your training and fast enough for your race. For most runners, they find these shoes are very responsive and yet flexible and comfortable, a very rare combination found in the common running shoes. Although some people might not agree with the claim, but at least you could get the best feature of running shoes of the same classes.

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Adidas ULTRABOOST - Review


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