Adidas Pure BOOST - Review

Adidas PureBOOST

$63 – $249












  • Good comfort
  • Awesome energy-returning boost
  • Good durability
  • Nice design


  • Lighter midsole (compared with Adidas ULTRABOOST)

No one could deny that Adidas Pure BOOST is one of the world’s most comfortable running shoes available on the market. Running has been the popular exercise for people who live in the city. However, it is not an activity which cost you nothing, you’d better have the appropriate running shoes.

Running shoes could affect the quality of your exercise as well as the condition of your feet post-training. However, the Adidas shoes in this series are designed especially to return your energy and adapt to your movements. Thus, by wearing these shoes, you could perform better as well as last longer on the road.

Not all running shoes are designed to follow your movements, as the result, people often spend their energy unnecessarily just to keep their posture right. However, these shoes are built to respond to their wearer’s movements, and their boost midsole are designed to return the energy from each steps and propel the runners forward.

More than just performance, the knit material for the upper part is made so that it could adapt with your movements and give you comfort at the same time. For people who have already tried various running shoes before, this pair of shoes could give them more performance and comfort like never before.

The midsole for this series is the lightest compared to the other ones like Supernova or ULTRABOOST. Besides, the midsole is less cushioned and designed for faster pace for faster road sessions than longer ones. The wide front half design makes this shoe has fine gripping on the outsole and very suitable for city running.

It is not only good for dry roads, wider sole means you’d have more grip to the ground, especially in wet tracks. You can even feel the tight grip to the ground while running through a puddle. And thanks to the knit upper which is quite resistant to the water, you can still run comfortably even after splashes of water.

For you who have tried the other series, the Adidas PureBOOST might have a little drawbacks compared to the others. But still, we have to admit that this shoes could give you an entirely different performance than Supernova or Ultra Boost. Even if you are not using them for exercise, you could still use them as your casual wear due to the stylish and colorful design. Feel free to choose your own running shoes to your fit.

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Adidas Pure BOOST - Review
Adidas Pure Boost - Review
Adidas PureBOOST - Review
Adidas PureBOOST - Review
Adidas PureBOOST
Adidas Pure Boost
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