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  • Excellent comfort
  • Awesome design
  • Good durability


  • It gets dirty easy

You must have heard a lot that this Adidas EQT Support is going to worth every penny you spend to get one. Moreover, this is not just coming from a single opinion, rather than many expert runners and reviewers. It is not because of the stylish design and the big brand name behind it, but actually the very performance of this shoe.

While you are looking for comfort and support, you will also get the trendy casual look on your daily outerwear style. Besides, many people claimed to feel comfortable even if they have to wear this shoe all day long. Let’s take a look at the specs of this shoe so you can decide if this pair truly worth all the praise or not.

The most obvious point to see in this shoe that its upper part is made almost entirely of Primeknit material. Just like the other Adidas shoes with primeknit material, this one feels that the upper part is gripping on your feet and prevent the shoes from moving away from their original position.

However, unlike the other stiff materials, the primeknit feels very comfortable and cool. While on the heels area, there are synthetic nubuck panels on the both sides. These panels is used to give you support for side to side actions, and don’t forget that they look very nice if hit by light in the darkness. The pink suede layer gives the futuristic sensation on the design and make this shoe very eye-catching.

Although the design and upper mesh is very interesting, you might find it rather disappointing that the midsole does not use the ultra boost foam. It is not that you would get all in one with 110 bucks, but still, the EVA midsole provide just right cushioning and performing quite well compared with the NMD shoes. Just remember not to put this sneaker into comparison with the top level one, or you can’t see what’s behind this excellent sneakers.

Aside from the excellent material and eye-catching design, some people find it rather difficult to deal with dust and other dirty materials stuck to the upper mesh. Indeed the breathable material made this shoe cool and comfortable, but it means that it could also absorb the dust and other unwanted liquid.But still, if you can get premium materials, the true-to-size shoes, considerable support, and lightweight sneakers for around $110, the Adidas EQT Support is the one you want.

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