Adidas Energy Cloud - Review

Adidas Energy Cloud

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  • Good comfort
  • Nice design
  • Good durability


  • They need a break in period

Adidas has always been able to maintain their customer’s satisfaction, and with this Adidas Energy Cloud they claimed to make the aching feet gone. The company has been providing the customers with their high quality products, that so far have been living up to their names. As most people perceive, the name of this product promotes the feeling of weightlessness and buoyancy for every runner wearing it. While on their official website, Adidas claimed that by wearing these shoes, you can finally say goodbye to your aching feet. However, are these shoes really worth all the claims? Let’s find out deeper into this product before concluding anything.

The most obvious thing in this product is the outsole, which covers the entire bottom of the shoe. This part is made from carbon rubber material, unlike the previous blown rubber, this type is more rigid and heavier than its counterpart. Carbon rubber is actually a common material for running shoes because of its durability and ability to take impact and stress force in a stride. As the name implies, the midsole is using the cloudfoam material. This is Adidas patented technology for shoe cushioning and has been proven to be very yet could still provide enough support for various activity.

Talking about comfort, this item has very nice choice of mesh material for the upper part. The material is breathable and could keep your feet temperature stable for longer comfortable running time. There are micro perforations that allows air to get through into the shoe. This is why it has the technology to release heat and odor outside the shoe without removing the shoe from your feet. It also has TPU midfoot cage which is connected to the rear part of the shoe with heel counter. You can also feel that the collar and the tongue of the shoe also have excellent padding for supporting your feet.

Although this shoe has so many advantages than the other conventional running shoes, but there are still some drawbacks felt by some runners. Because of the plastic mid cage, it made some runners feel that the shoes are a little too stiff on the heel part. Also the plastic slats positioning is too deep into the upper part of the shoes, making some runners with specific foot size feel uncomfortable. For runners who also love to replace the insoles, forget it with this shoe, because the Adidas Energy Cloud does not have removable insoles.

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Adidas Energy Cloud - Review
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