Adidas ENERGY BOOST - Review


$44 - $249












  • Good comfort
  • Good energy-returning boost
  • Good durability
  • Awesome design


  • It's a little heavy

With the need of running shoes, many runners are in demand of true performance, thus this Adidas ENERGY BOOST is designed for runners of all levels. It is not easy to make shoes that will fit to most type of runners. These shoes are made with stretch mesh on the upper part completed with seamless Techfit design.

The midsole is the main feature of this type, which is designed to give you more power as you run. So, how do these shoes able to give you such amazing performance? And should you get a pair of the shoes for your future roadworks? Let’s take a closer look at this amazing pair.

Many runners testified that these shoes are definitely not lighter as the other lightweight ones. It is not for nothing, the midsole part of each shoes is made from a material called thermoplastic polyurethane, the same materials used in the dashboard of BMW cars. As the result, the midsole becomes more springy and could perform better cushioning than the others. Other than powerful cushioning, the material used makes this shoe more durable than the other series.

If you want a roadwork partner which could last longer, this model could be your choice. The upper part of these shoes is not as breathable as the other with primeknit materials, since this one is using the stretch mesh. The midsole also has a part with hard plastic, so it is better not to tie these shoes too tight or you might feel the discomfort during your running sessions.

Some people also find them not too suitable for performance-based runners because of their weight. Due to the durable material used, you can clearly see that these shoes are just like boots in terms of weight. But the better part, they are made quite fashionable and you can just pair them with any kinds of outfit.

It is said that this model has some inaccuracy on labelling the size, but it is still acceptable to some points. The design is also slightly different from the other boost series, as it looks more pointy than the others. This is why there are also complaints that the shoes are too narrow. If you have a limited budget to get these Adidas ENERGY BOOST shoes, be careful not to pick the wrong color, there are different prices for different colors.

Overall, this is also an excellent pair of shoes and provide the same superior cushioning. It is just that the weight made this one on another different level.

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Adidas ENERGY BOOST - review
Adidas Energy Boost - review
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